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Can you help us deliver meat and vegetable packs and orders?


We’re seeing unprecedented demand for meat and vegetable packs and we need help. Can you help us?


And can we help you?


We want to help our faithful, reliable and dedicated local small business owners deliver for our local communities.


The national Supermarket chains in some areas have up to a 3 week wait for a next available delivery slot. People need to eat and they need your produce.


So, we’ve made it easy for you to earn an income, reduce the number of queues in your shops and markets, free up your telephone lines, simplify delivery, and make it easy for you to get paid.


How to get involved?


It simple.


All of our food packs are broken into common and staple items that we would expect to be in good supply and we only have 4 meat packs and 2 for vegetables.


We will take the orders, payments and customer details online and send them in one email each night to you, so you have more time to do what you are best at, putting the packs together with your best produce.


The daily email will also contain the Name and delivery details for each customer, within a 5 mile radius. We would expect the packs to be delivered the next day but we and our customers understand that this is a completely new way of working, so we will all manage expectations.


Each week, we will send you a list of all completed orders and your payment will be disbursed. Meaning just one invoice and less stress.



How do Local Grocery Delivery cover our costs?


Local Grocery Delivery charge a small fixed processing fee to cover the payment processing costs. You receive 100% of the pack cost. Try yourself at the wizard of oz free slots casino.


During the lock down period we are using any profits to buy more food parcels from our suppliers to distribute to local food banks and people in need.



OK, I want to get involved: